Sunday, August 26, 2007

This way that way

A number of incidences have happened after I started this blog. Some interesting, others more disturbing. While there has been a healthy debate in and outside the Indian parliament on the 1-2-3 nuclear agreement with US, there has been concerns raised about early exit the government, And funnily there were reports that indicated that the government wanted to discuss the issue of Sarchar committee report before it discusses N-Deal, apparently to make sure of some minority votes in case of early elections!!

On the backdrop of this interesting debate came the heartening news of twin bomb blasts in the city of Hyderabad in what was quite a fine weekend. Just makes me wonder how vulnerable are we to negative forces around us. Are our foundations not so strong enough to bring positive influence to these negative minds?

Or we rely too much on our past and do not think that we need to improve? We think that all is "good enough" with us. As they say in the OS market, Windows XP is "good enough", why we need Vista? Out of topic exemplar, but I think it brings out the point more clearly here.

Another issue that has been around for some time has been the issue of cast based reservation in India. Even after 60 years of independence, and declaring our country as a sovereign, democratic republic, if we have failed to eradicate caste based tactics (which sadly I hold nearly equivalent to Apartheid, though technically not as there is no place for slavery in a caste order), I have only one recommendation: All politicians must resign!

With all this compelling and confusing issues one begins to think as to where are well all headed? Are we loosing out identity? Loosing out identity can be good and bad. But not at the same time. It can be bad if some one is overtaking you and wipes out the very idea you exist. Wipes out the ideas, relations and the goodness you cherish for. Suppress you and you soul. Exactly in the way cast based hypocrisy or apartheid works. It spoils the humanness in Humans. It makes you closer to a devil than god.

On the other hand, loosing identity can be good too. If it brings out the oneness in each of us. Makes us all think that we all are relatives. Makes us share our fruits with others. And when others respond and change their attitude towards life and towards you. If nation states are bound to loose their boundary walls because people simply have lost their "identity", the ego.

I would love to see this "good" identify loss. Will the people around the world stand up and unite for this new world order?
Only time will tell.

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